Install OpenLucius, a Drupal distribution

You can let us host OpenLucius in the Cloud or install it yourself

OpenLucius is 100% open source software and build on Drupal as a 'Drupal distribution'

If you can install Drupal, you can install OpenLucius

PHP memory limit

The OpenLucius core requires 128M, if you planning on installing extra modules: 256M is recommended.

Download and install

  1. Download OpenLucius from this page.
  2. Install OpenLucius like a regular Drupal installation, as described here

Config private file system during install

During the install we added an additional config screen for your 'files' settings:

It is highly recommended to choose a private file path outside your public webroot, like you see in the example above.

Install proces completed

When your install process is completed, you'll have your first group ready 'Yihaa, first group' and help instructions will show:

Any questions / feedback? Hit us in the issue Q on