Email notifications

Email notifications can be sent to Group members for each added item and comment.

You can also send emails to "third parties": persons that are not present in OpenLucius.

Send email notifications

  1. Check to select the Group members that you want to send a notification
  2. Select all group members at once
  3. Select an entire team at once
    See also "People" → "Teams"
  4. Enter email addresses of 'third parties'
    "Third parties" are people that are not added to OpenLucius
  5. Checked Group members will receive an email including the entered item
    A "read more" link is added to click to the relevant item in OpenLucius

Registration of e-mail notifications

OpenLucius keeps track on who was notified:

The notification email

  1. "Read more" links directly link to the relevant item in OpenLucius