Config general stuff

On this configuration page you'll find settings for general stuff in social intranet OpenLucius

  1. Cluster the recent activity on homepage: when clustered the stream will not show comments, but only content. You'll see how much comments a content item has and how much new comments
  2. Place a 'new' badge on all activity-stream items that a user didn't open yet
  3. Under construction, better not to use this one for now
  4. If someone adds a new user, OpenLucius will send a notification to Admin of OpenLucius.
  5. How much items on homepage activity stream
  6. How much items on group activity stream page
  7. How much items on user activity stream page
  8. On a Group dashboard, how much items will be shown, before a 'show more' link will appear.
  9. Upload the logo for your homepage
  10. Upload a cover image for your homepage
  11. Enter a slogan that will appear on the homepage
  12. Enable 'Apple Finder / MS Explorer' like file management